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The Ukraine Assistance Organization has been helping Ukraine since
the first day of the war.

We provide medical care and medicines to
shut-ins and remote villages.
We are the only organization in the entire southern regions of Ukraine providing this service.
Additionally, we give medical supplies to small village hospitals.

At UAO, it is our mission to provide high quality holistic home health care (HHC) to the citizens of Ukraine; during wartime conflict(s) or peacetime.
Also to provide Ukraine with a Home Health Care service that reminds all citizens we serve, that their lives matter.

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We can always use experienced volunteers for medical care, logistics, interpreting, procurement and security.


A small amount of money goes a long way in Ukraine. Even $5 USD can buy a month of medications or a full box of wound dressings.

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Their needs are many and resources are few.
Stories of Hope – it`s was we do.

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